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Users of WhatsApp Will Soon Be Able to Post One-Minute Videos on Status Updates

<p>In an attempt to enhance the user experience, WhatsApp has been rolling out a number of updates over the last several months. The platform has undergone significant upgrades, suggesting that there is more work to be done. These upgrades include the addition of WhatsApp channels and significant UI improvements. One such action was the recent release of a much-anticipated feature by WhatsApp, which lets users post a minute-long video to their status.</p>
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<p>This follows persistent demands from a number of users who have been pushing the site to raise the prior video upload time restriction of 30 seconds. WhatsApp now hopes to allow one-minute videos on its status feature, similar to Instagram, in response to the demands.</p>
<p><strong>Instagram intends to allow one-minute videos on the platform.</strong><br />
WhatsApp is reportedly developing a feature that would let users include a minute-long video in their status messages, according to a WABetainfo article. Users won’t have to cut or reduce the length of their movies to 30 seconds thanks to this. WhatsApp will automatically divide videos that are longer than one minute into 60-second chunks.</p>
<p>Although only a tiny portion of Android smartphone users have access to the functionality, which was found in WhatsApp beta for Android version, it is anticipated that additional users will be able to utilize it in the next few weeks. The business may also think about getting input beforehand before making this adjustment.</p>
<p><strong>After the upgrade, users who want to benefit from WhatsApp’s once-a-minute status updates may adhere to the provided instructions:</strong></p>
<p>1. Launch the WhatsApp app on your iOS or Android mobile device.</p>
<p>2. To submit a video, go to the ‘Status’ area and select the ‘My Status’ button.</p>
<p>3. Choose the video and make sure its duration is no more than the mandated minute.</p>
<p>4. After finishing, post it to the video status so that your contacts may see it.</p>
<p>Note: After the update rolls out for everyone, users will also need to upgrade WhatsApp in order to see longer videos on status. Currently, the update is accessible for beta testers who have previously updated the most recent WhatsApp beta version for Android from the Google Play Store.</p>
<p><strong>ADDITIONAL FEATURES</strong><br />
In addition to raising the status limit, a recent WABetaInfo story hinted that users would soon be able to name their contacts in status updates—a feature akin to Instagram. Users will also be notified when they are referenced. Additionally, it has been stated that WhatsApp is attempting to make QR payments simpler by enabling users to share their QR codes directly from the conversations page.</p>

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