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CMF by Nothing Announces Exclusive Student Referral Program For Newly Launched CMF Phone 1, Buds Pro 2, and Watch Pro 2

New Delhi, July 4, 2024 – CMF, a sub-brand of London-based technology company Nothing, has launched an exclusive student referral program for its upcoming products, the CMF Phone 1, Buds Pro 2, and Watch Pro 2. The program will provide early access to CMF’s new products and exclusive discounts to students across India.


The referral program will run till July 7, 2024. Student influencers across 15 cities and 75 colleges will spearhead the program on their social media channels, making this a unique student-run initiative providing the opportunity for their followers to participate in the program. Students across the country can register on the dedicated microsite to receive a unique referral code to share with their peers. For every successful referral, both the referrer and the referred student will earn points on a leaderboard. 


The process to participate in the giveaway is to simply log on to, fill in your details and get verified. Once the verification is done, a unique code will be generated for sharing with your friends to start earning points. Using a friend’s referral code while logging in will add a bonus point to your score and their score on the leaderboard. The top 50 students on the leaderboard will be eligible to win one of 10 CMF Phone 1, 20 Buds Pro 2, and 20  Watch Pro 2, from the new CMF lineup.


“We are thrilled to bring this exclusive opportunity to students across India.” said Vishal Bhola, President, Nothing India. “This referral program is more than just a way to introduce our latest CMF products; it’s an effort to strengthen our community and build meaningful connections among young tech enthusiasts. By empowering students to share their experiences and insights, we are establishing a dynamic and engaged network reflecting our commitment to innovation and collaboration.”


The referral program is part of CMF’s broader launch strategy to engage with a younger audience. After the referral program concludes, Nothing will announce the winners on July 8th, the launch day for the new CMF product line. 


Recognised for their distinctive attention to colour, material, and finish, CMF by Nothing’s products have earned widespread acclaim from both media and customers alike.  Find out more on

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