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KS Abhishek comes back with a new Song ‘Deewaaney’ : Story behind the hit

Released on March 23rd, “Deewaaney” by KS Abhishek has instantly caught every music enthusiasts attention. This catchy tune climbed the charts, touching hearts with its meaningful words and melody.

KS Abhishek, the song maker has recently shared insights into the making of the song, answering a series of questions about its inspiration and production. Here’s what he said:

1. What inspired the creation of this song?

– The constant longing for success, validation is a huge conflict nowadays in every human. Whatever we have around us, love, people, achievements, things, etc; we tend to forget all of that and crave for what we don’t have. This thought was the core idea for Deewaaney. I wanted to talk about this void in our hearts which no matter how much we try, is not filled.

2. How was the collaboration process among the artists involved?

– I wanted two different male voices in the song. The lines that Aalok Gandhi is singing in the beginning and in the end of the song represent the inner voice, the universe speaking to you. I also wanted the person, the human to express his/her feelings about what’s going on in the heart. For this section I got Siddhant Bhosle on board. The style of singing, the approach was the most time consuming part. With Aalok, I did multiple recording sessions in Chennai and in Mumbai and with Sid I did remote recording sessions. From my perspective, both Aalok and Sid are two characters in this song playing their respective parts, doing justice to the lyrics. Tweaking the song till the last moment is my way of working generally, so after months of working on the production, instrument recordings, vocal recordings, I was satisfied with how Deewaaney was sounding.

3. What makes this song stand out from others in the same genre or category?

– I’ve tried to make something fresh. My approach always is to try and make something which does not exist in the music market. Be it, the structure, the sound, the lyrics; for Deewaaney I wanted lyrics with depth and simplicity so that everybody can relate, and NOT forgetting the initial core idea was very important. For the sound, I kept it upbeat and interesting throughout. Didn’t want to bore the listener at any point of time. 

4. What are your future plans?

– I am working on another song with my Naani. The 3rd part in the series after ‘The Naani Song’ and ‘Deejal Gaadi’. Very excited to show that to all of you very soon. Also working on my solo album and a few upcoming singles/releases with other music labels.

Watch the video here – 

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