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On its first day, Hansika Motwani’s horror film Guardian receives positive reviews and earns Rs 80 lakh

<p>On March 8, International Women’s Day, Hansika Motwani starred in the main role of Guardian, the most recent Tamil horror movie. Alongside Hansika, the film also stars Sureshmenan, Sreeman, and Mottai Rajendran. Guru Saravanan wrote the script, plot, and dialogues, while Sam CS composed the music.</p>
<p><img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-501428″ src=”” alt=” on its first day hansika motwanis horror film guardian receives positive reviews a” width=”977″ height=”732″ title=”On its first day, Hansika Motwani's horror film Guardian receives positive reviews and earns Rs 80 lakh 15″></p>
<p>In Tamil Nadu, Guardian was able to raise Rs 80 lakh on its first day alone because of the excellent ratings. It also continues to draw sizable crowds and provide respectable earnings on Saturdays and Sundays.</p>
<p>In the horror film, which is helmed by Guru Saravanan and Sabari, Hansika plays a ghost. Following Google Guttappa, their debut film as co-directors, this is their second joint venture. The technical team behind Guardian includes talented individuals such as cinematographer KA Sakthivel, editor M. Thiyagarajan, art director Lalgudi N. Ilayaraja, action sequence coordinator Don Ashok, and choreographers Viji Satish, Azhar, Dastha, and Srikrish. Viveka, Sam CS, and Umadevi wrote the lyrics, while Nxgen Media did the visual effects.</p>
<p>In the narrative, Hansika has had bad luck since she was a little kid. Her life drastically changes, however, when she unexpectedly starts to get her desires granted by a possessed crystal. The enraged ghostly spirit inside the crystal is determined to get retribution on those who have mistreated it. The plot centers on Hansika’s handling of the current circumstances and her exploration of her newly acquired abilities.</p>
<p>While Guardian employs the well-known specter of an angry ghost, the filmmakers had the chance to create a gripping tale by narrowing the emphasis or by maximizing the shocks that come with the horror genre.</p>
<p>Hansika Motwani’s most recent film appearance was in the Telugu film 105 Minutes. She also has a number of other projects in the works, including the Telugu web series Nasha, Rowdy Baby, Gandhari, and Man, all of which are in different stages of development. With the Telugu film Desamuduru, Hansika Motwani made her stage debut in the South Indian film industry. Her career in the South was facilitated by this, and she soon started getting offers from other sectors such as Kannada, Tamil, and Malayalam.</p>

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