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Von Wellx Germany unveils India’s first exclusive Healthy Footwear store

Hyderabad: Von Wellx Germany, a healthy footwear brand, has opened its first Indian Exclusive Brand Outlet (EBO) in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, to strengthen its retail presence in India after 5 years of successful distribution across the country.

It was virtually inaugurated by the German brand CEO, Mr. Manfred Everz, and Group Director, Ms. Samantha Everz. They focused on the fact that feet form the foundation of your body and take up the complete weight and load of your body. But people and brands ignore it and focus more on fashion, which causes multiple problems for your feet, knees, and back.

Ashish Jain, CEO, Von Wellx Germany Group, India, said, “Von Wellx Germany is the world’s healthiest footwear brand without compromising on fashion. It gives you all the benefits of walking barefoot on the grass all day and makes you forget all your foot problems. Sold in 80 countries with over 100 million satisfied customers, it utilizes the internationally patented German technology 5 Zones. It was developed by the famous German orthopedic naturopath, Dr. Walter Mauch, based on reflexology. The first such healthy footwear exclusive store has now arrived in India, which will take care of the health of your feet. We will continue to expand its business by rapidly expanding its reach across all major cities in India.”

The new store, comprising a beautifully decorated 1,000 sq. ft. space, will feature the brand’s highly anticipated Winter Season collection. It will comprise, apart from the healthy 5 Zones collection, the Arch Healthy collection for flat feet, the Wide Healthy Collection, and the Strech Healthy Collection, completing the full gambit of healthy shoes for all.

Ismail Ajani, AA Brands, said Von Wellx provides your feet with energy for 12+ hours of walking or standing and provides relief from heel, knee, and back pain. It massages pressure points throughout the day to increase blood circulation and oxygenation to all organs. It also acts like a spring that absorbs the pressure exerted on it. The spring and massage effect works on your muscles 2.5 times per step, giving you the benefit of walking 8000 steps with only 3000 steps.

Von Wellx’s special diabetic range does not let diabetes wreak havoc on your feet. Its massage increases blood flow, increases nerve sensation, and prevents all types of wounds. After being launched in Metro and Mochi Shoes in India, 5 Zones by Von Wellx Germany has expanded to Hollywood, Centro, Reliance Centro, Lulu, etc. It’s also available online at Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, Tata Cliq and

Von Wellx Germany was the 1st and one of the biggest projects to come to India post Covid era which was applauded by Union Commerce Minster Mr. Piyush Goyal,UP CM Mr.Yogi Adityanath etc.  and served as the flagship project for getting investment into India .

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