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As Paps Refer To Them As “Nice Jodi,” Tamannaah Bhatia and Vijay Varma Twins blush

<p>Among the cutest pairs are Tamannaah Bhatia and Vijay Varma. The two stars are often sighted together and are not afraid to publicly declare their affection for one another. Tamannaah and Vijay were photographed by photographers on Monday night as they were at Jaideep Ahlawat’s wife’s birthday celebration in Mumbai.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-284494″ src=”” alt=” war between israel and hamas leader of hamas says truce is close to reaching oif 4″ width=”1464″ height=”877″ title=”As Paps Refer To Them As "Nice Jodi," Tamannaah Bhatia and Vijay Varma Twins blush 3″ srcset=” 474w,×90.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1464px) 100vw, 1464px” /></p>
<p>In a video that went viral on social media, Tamannaah and Vijay could be seen posing for photographers while wearing black outfits. The Jailer actress looked stunning as always while wearing a basic black ensemble. Vijay, on the other hand, wore a black hoodie and matching pants to keep his appearance casual. The two flashed their million-dollar grins while posing for the photographers. They flushed when the shutterbugs hailed them “nice jodi,” in addition to this.</p>
<p>Earlier this year, Tamannaah Bhatia declared her love connection with Vijay Varma. She said to Film Companion, “I don’t think you can get attracted to someone just because they are your co-star,” when promoting Lust Stories 2. I’ve worked with so many co-stars. I believe that falling in love or having feelings for someone is a more personal experience and has nothing to do with a person’s line of work. In other words, it isn’t why this would occur.</p>
<p>In the meanwhile, it’s believed that the couple is ready to step up their romance since they want to tie the knot shortly. Telugu Cinema said that Tamannaah and Vijay are “seriously considering tying the knot.” According to a recent article, Tamannaah feels pressure from her parents to be married. Additionally, it said that since her roles in Bhola Shankar and the Kaavaalaa song in Rajinikanth’s Jailer, the actress has not signed on to any new projects. However, as of right now, Tamannaah and Vijay’s intended marriage has not been officially confirmed.</p>
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