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Talented Music Prodigy DJ Neil Sarkar Takes the Electronic Music Scene by Storm

In a remarkable journey from the classrooms of CBSE Board to the global stage of electronic music, Neel Sarkar, widely known as DJ Neil Sircar, is making waves with his latest release, “Trip to Titan.”

Born on February 27, 2005, in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, Neil’s journey reflects not only academic excellence, securing an impressive 85% in his High School diploma, but also a burgeoning career as a music producer and DJ.

Neil’s passion for music transcends boundaries, evident in his collaboration with renowned singer Jordan Grace on ‘See the Light,’ released on Glow Records. The track has garnered over 45k+ streams on various platforms, showcasing the duo’s synergistic creativity.

The young artist’s debut single, ‘Sick Sound,’ is another testament to his musical prowess, accumulating an impressive 150k+ streams and counting. Neil’s ability to craft captivating beats has caught the attention of the industry and music enthusiasts alike.

Having shared the stage with notable DJs such as Bart Skills and Nipun Divecha, Neil has solidified his presence in the electronic music scene. His live performances resonate with energy and skill, captivating audiences worldwide.

Neil’s parents, engaged in the field of Engineering Service, have been supportive of his artistic pursuits. Their encouragement, coupled with Neil’s dedication, has propelled him into the spotlight as a rising star in the music industry.

With the recent release of “Trip to Titan,” DJ Neil Sircar continues to push boundaries, offering listeners a sonic journey that reflects his evolving style and creative depth. As the streams for his latest track surge, Neil Sarkar’s trajectory in the world of electronic music seems poised for even greater heights. Keep an ear out for this young maestro as he continues to redefine the soundscape of the future.

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