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Crypto Bux International Inc Raises Serious Concerns Over LA Token’s Failure to List CTEx Coin and Refund Payment.

Crypto Bux International Inc is deeply disappointed to announce that LA Token has failed to fulfill its obligations to list the CTEx Coin project and to provide a refund for the payment made. This situation has raised serious concerns about LA Token’s reliability, integrity, and commitment to its partners and users.

In September 2023, Crypto Bux International Inc entered into a formal agreement with LA Token for the listing and IEO of the CTEx Coin project on their platform. The terms of the agreement were clear and mutually accepted, including a specified payment for the listing service.

Despite our prompt and good-faith payment for the listing service, LA Token has failed to list the CTEx Coin project as per the agreed timeline. This has caused significant frustration and inconvenience to our project and the community supporting it.

Numerous attempts to communicate with LA Token regarding this issue have gone unanswered. Our requests for clarification, updates, and a timeline for the listing have been met with silence. Additionally, our requests for a refund of the payment made have not been addressed or processed.

Crypto Bux International Inc emphasizes the importance of transparency and accountability in the cryptocurrency industry. We believed that LA Token would uphold these values and deliver on its promises, but we have been left disappointed.

We urge LA Token to address this matter urgently by either fulfilling its commitment to list the CTEx Coin project or processing a refund for the payment made. The integrity of LA Token’s services and its reputation are at stake, and we hope that they will take the necessary steps to resolve this issue promptly.

Crypto Bux International Inc is committed to providing a reliable and trustworthy platform for cryptocurrency trading. We will continue to pursue all available avenues to ensure the interests of our community and partners are safeguarded.

For further inquiries or information, please contact Crypto Bux International Inc

We appreciate the understanding and patience of our community as we navigate this situation and work towards a resolution.

Crypto Bux International Inc
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